Bad actors don’t play by the rules. Why should your security?

Try Zycada Cloud Security and use artificial intelligence to protect your applications.


Zycada Cloud Security

Zycada Cloud Security proactively protects applications against attacks in real-time, and automatically adapts to changing network conditions. It fingerprints the application and each connection end-to-end, exposing rogue actors that hide among legitimate traffic.

Zycada DDoS Mitigation service

  • Scans traffic patterns in real-time to evaluate the legitimacy of clients.
  • Gives DevOps and IT Ops the power to stop, tag, or reroute traffic.
  • Origin Shield prevents malicious actors from reaching the origin.
  • AI-powered learning engine continuously adapts in real-time to detect and reject illegitimate requests before they impact your application.
  • Allows you to use simple configurations and create custom rules to geofence, blacklist, and whitelist traffic from the Zycada Console.
  • Provides real-time reporting of WAF actions and statistics in the Zycada Console.
  • Meets all OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines

Zycada WAF service

Zycada Cloud Security requires no SDK or infrastructure provisioning.

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