How do you manage your CDN outage crisis during peak shopping season?

The best of CDNs suffer from outages These are unplanned outages and no one can predict when such outages will occur. When such an outage occurs during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, be prepared with Zycada CDN Reserve solution. Zycada continuously monitors your service over current CDN and if any outage occurs, it automatically switches your traffic to Zycada edge platform.

Zycada App-Aware Edge Platform

Zycada has created the world’s first app-aware edge platform that understands real user behavior. Our edge platform uses that intelligence to optimize the underlying infrastructure and boost customer engagement and business KPIs.

Zycada edge platform has strong points of presence and our network infrastructure has the fourth largest number of peers in the world (third largest in the US). Having delivered trillions of transactions, Zycada is trusted by the top eCommerce and Streaming leaders around the globe.

Zycada CDN Reserve Solution

Cloud Service Monitor continuously monitors your service on the Zycada edge platform, as well as your current CDN. DNS Director uses this monitoring data to detect problems and take corrective actions. When your current CDN suffers service degradation, it automatically switches buyers traffic to Zycada edge platform. It switches the traffic back to your current CDN, as soon as it recovers from outage.

Zycada edge platform also includes Cloud Service Shield to protect your service from malicious users and bots with OWASP 2.0 compliant WAF and DDoS mitigation. It proactively monitors and manages traffic to provide maximum security to your origin servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have the best CDN. Do I still need a failover strategy?

Talk to the best and most experienced ops professionals and they will all confirm that outages are not uncommon. Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare acknowledges the problem in the most honest manner. In this day and age eCommerce is responsible for the bulk of the revenue for Retailers. Even a short outage would be a disaster. It’s best to have a sound contingency plan for your CDN outage.

Cloudflare CEO speaks about CDN outages


2. When CDN switch happens will my origin see a sudden traffic spike?

Zycada CDN Reserve solution is designed to be a hot-standby system and will take 1% of the traffic simultaenously with your current CDN. This ensures that Zycada cache is warm and when the traffic is switched, your origin is well protected from a sudden spike in traffic.

3. Do I have to manually intervene to recover?

No. Zycada DNS Director, by default, automatically recovers in under 2 minutes. Cloud Service Monitor checks your service health from different servers around the globe, every 30 seconds. Our DNS TTL is set to 60 seconds. You can configure more frequent health checks and lower DNS TTL for faster recovery.

However, if you prefer to take manual actions, you can also configure DNS Director not to take corrective actions, but only send notifications to your ops team in real-time.

4. How do I activate CDN Reserve before the holiday season?

You can activate CDN Reserve in less than an hour with 2 simple steps

1. Configure your service in Zycada edge platform. (< 30 minutes)

2. Set your domain's DNS entry to Zycada CNAME. (< 30 minutes)

Advanced users can export your current caching rules and Zycada can activate them for your service.

You can enter the holiday season with confidence knowing you have a sound contingency plan.

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