Komuso Design Adds Zycada to Shopify Platform to Gain 10% Boost in Both Conversion Rate and Revenue






Zycada integrates seamlessly with Shopify to boost speed and revenue

Komuso Design is a wellness brand that helps individuals reduce stress and boost health. Komuso’s customers swear by the company’s flagship product, The Shift, which allows users to better regulate their breathing, relax and minimize anxiety. The company has built a loyal customer base by providing high-quality, natural medicinal alternatives that promote well-being.

Komuso earns most of their revenue online through direct-to-consumer sales. Like many companies of their size, they leverage Shopify to deploy their eCommerce platform. With such a unique brand, Komuso understands how critical it is to deliver an engaging, personalized online shopping experience.


Challenges: Optimizing eCommerce Performance With a Small Team

When it comes to their eCommerce presence, Komuso has long achieved both strong performance metrics (i.e. page load and time to interactive [TTI] speeds) and business outcomes (i.e. conversion rates). However, as a smaller company, Komuso realized there was still an opportunity to improve these metrics to close the gap with much larger online retailers.

Shopify has enabled Komuso to effortlessly build and manage their online store. The Shopify ecosystem also makes it easy to add new functionalities, customizations and rich content. However, as Komuso found out, adding these new features results in significant increases in latency and overall slower speeds – and Shopify doesn’t offer any simple way to offset these impacts and optimize eCommerce performance. The company understood that they needed to continue incorporating customizations and dynamic content in order to keep providing the personalized experience that customers expected.

Moreover, the majority of Komuso’s online revenue comes through mobile commerce. Approximately 85% of Komuso’s customers interact with the company through mobile social media. Extra features and rich content are even harder to support on mobile platforms than traditional web-based eCommerce platforms, making Komuso’s challenge even greater.

The company was determined to improve their eCommerce performance and conversion rates while rolling out new functionalities and content. However, they didn’t have the developer resources or IT budget to achieve these goals on their own.

“If you can gain Amazon-type speeds without using any developer resources or major internal preparation, it’s an obvious choice. Zycada lets you set up the technology up front at no cost. Trying the product is ultimately a no brainer.”

- Mikhail Zhuro

CTO, Komuso Design



Mikhail Zhuro, Chief Technology Officer at Komuso Design, has broad experience in UX design, growth marketing and new technology. "I do a lot of work on design, looking at things that can impact baseline revenue and conversion," Zhuro said. He discovered Zycada Cloud Service Accelerator online and figured he had nothing to lose by signing up for a free trial. "The concept of Zycada looked great – enabling businesses to improve with minimal effort was a clear opportunity," said Zhuro.


During the 30-day trial, Zhuro observed considerable performance improvements. Zycada’s bot technology ultimately boosted Komuso’s average server response time 30%, document interactive time 5%, document content load time 4%, page download time 27% and page load time 3%. Due to these performance gains, Zycada has made it possible for the company to continue personalizing their online shopping experience via new features and dynamic content while increasing eCommerce speeds – without the need to commit additional developer resources.

Focusing on the bigger picture, Zhuro was hopeful that the improvements in eCommerce speed would lift core business outcomes. Zycada again exceeded expectations, increasing both Komuso’s conversion rate and overall revenue by 10%.

Zhuro was not only impressed by Zycada’s impact on eCommerce performance and revenue, but was also shocked by how easy Zycada was to use. "I was super surprised that they [Zycada] would set up the technology up front at no charge," he said. Zycada requires no coding or configuration changes and can be deployed within a day.

He was also struck by Zycada’s exceptional customer service and the team’s hands-on approach to helping Komuso succeed. “I think of Zycada more as a partner and people than a platform.”

Zhuro now recommends Zycada to all his peers at small- and medium-sized online retailers. “If you can gain Amazon-type speeds without using any developer resources or major internal preparation, it’s an obvious choice. Zycada lets you set up the technology up front at no cost. Trying the product is ultimately a no brainer,” he said.