Medical Direct integrates Zycada with Magento to boost eCommerce speed and revenue





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Zycada’s Quick Magento Integration Boosts Speed and Revenue

Medical Direct is a European online retailer that specializes in the sale of home-use medical products. Medical Direct strives to enable their customers to lead happy, healthy lives, providing a variety of affordably priced health and wellness products offered directly to consumers.

The company competes with both Amazon and larger medical product distributers, which have larger web-based stores and more resources to ensure a good online shopping experience.

As a small organization, Medical Direct uses Magento’s eCommerce platform to support its online store. Using Magento’s open source platform, the company had to regularly carry out cumbersome and time-consuming efforts to update and optimize its website in order to better serve customers.



This proved to be a significant undertaking for a small team. As the COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of shoppers buying medical supplies online, Medical Direct realized they needed to improve site performance rapidly to accommodate growing traffic and to better compete with larger retailers. However, their developers were busy with multiple projects and could not invest all the time needed to retool the online store.

To complicate matters further, the majority of Medical Direct’s customers access the site via mobile devices, which exposes them to varying performance limitations. When connecting to the Internet, mobile devices frequently must use cellular networks rather than WiFi networks. In general, cellular networks are slower and lack the reliability of WiFi networks, causing bottlenecks for Medical Direct’s mobile customers. In addition, mobile platforms tend to have more last mile problems, such as packet loss. Medical Direct's customers increasingly experienced these issues, which frustrate the buying experience and reduce conversion.

“Zycada transformed our eCommerce experience almost overnight. At a time when most companies are shrinking, Zycada has helped Medical Direct not only survive but thrive against major business challenges.

- Tomislav Bulat

Director at Medical Direct



Medical Direct was determined to speed up their eCommerce experience and simplify it for less Internet-savvy users. Tomislav Bulat, Director at Medical Direct, is always on the lookout for new technologies that help him improve performance. “I hate slow websites,” says Tomislav.

He found Zycada online and quickly set up a trial, using Google Analytics for A/B testing. Medical Direct integrated their website with Zycada and were up and running in less than one working day, requiring zero code changes and no additional work by their developer team.


The company saw immediate results: Using Zycada, Medical Direct boosted average page load times by 60%. Due to substantially better eCommerce performance, the company achieved a 22% increase in revenue, with average order value growing dramatically.

“Zycada transformed our eCommerce experience almost overnight,” says Tomislav Bulat. “With online shopping, speed is central to driving better business results. Customers expect to be able to quickly navigate eCommerce platforms, browse items, compare products and complete transactions. With a 60% improvement in page load time, Medical Direct now has the speed to compete with anyone in our industry.”

“In addition to the significant performance and revenue gains, Zycada also stood out for how easy it was to roll out and use. The platform integrated seamlessly with Magento. I’m not a coder and I don’t need to be one to use Zycada,” says Bulat. “At a time when most companies are shrinking, Zycada has helped Medical Direct not only survive but thrive against major business challenges.”