Every single customer is precious to you

That’s why leading companies use Zycada to deliver the best possible connection to each and every one of their customers.

Online shoppers are impatient

Every 100ms latency reduction means 1% more sales. Zycada actively fights last mile latency, increasing user engagement and conversion rates.

Unlock the power of live streaming with Zycada

Zycada improved VST by 1 second and rebuffer ratio by 67% in real-world live streams for a major media company. Maximize your QoE and increase engagement with your content and brand with Zycada.

Boost video on demand watch time and reduce churn

Deliver AVOD, SVOD and TVOD content with no interruptions. Zycada improved watch time by more than 20% in real-world customer broadcasts.

Welcome to the Zycada Delivery Network

Powered by AI, the Zycada Delivery Network fingerprints and optimizes every connection individually and in real-time to deliver the best Quality of Experience. In less than 30 minutes, Zycada enhances any multi-CDN, private CDN, and telco environment, requiring no code changes or SDK.


Do you know how last mile performance problems affect your users’ experience? Measuring after these problems happen gives you inaccurate data. Get in-band measurements with Zycada and find out where your QoE is hurting right away.


Negative sentiment from low QoE might not be your fault, but it’s still your problem. Optimize end-to-end delivery performance and economics with smart, rules-based routing, and by redistributing traffic away from CDNs with last mile performance issues.


Zycada fingerprints each connection and dynamically constructs a unique flow profile to boost performance between the origin and the endpoint. Accelerate your CDN environment and start boosting QoE in under 30 minutes.

Enabling a Personalized Online Experience for Every Customer


Using AI, Zycada actively mitigates packet loss for each connection to deliver unmatched speed for static and dynamic app content end-to-end.


Zycada security services apply behavior-based detection using AI to proactively protect your applications and customers from ever-changing attacks.


Zycada leverages a global infrastructure, bypassing congestion and disruptions in real-time while maximizing service availability and uptime.


Zycada has delivered over 120 billion transactions of live traffic. See the Zycada difference for yourself. Schedule a demo now.