Gartner names Zycada a Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing

“Product leaders and managers, CTOs, CIOs and business line owners who are looking to optimize interactive workloads and applications […] should consider Zycada. Wireless service providers can also enhance their content services by deploying Zycada’s solution.”

Use Zycada to reduce latency end-to-end for each individual connection.

No code required.

With Zycada, applications can reduce backend latency to improve responsiveness for non-cacheable content. Additionally, Zycada actively mitigates packet loss for every connection, to produce the best possible Quality of Experience across wireless and wired devices.

Zycada orchestration and acceleration works across all devices and connections.

More responsive applications drive higher engagement and revenue for eCommerce and OTT businesses.


Do you know how last mile performance problems affect your users’ experience? Measuring after these problems happen gives you inaccurate data. Get in-band measurements with Zycada and find out where your QoE is hurting right away.


Delays can occur within infrastructure you don’t own, like clouds, ISPs, etc. but the delay is still your problem. Zycada’s proactive latency management system helps you take control even if you don’t own the infrastructure.


Zycada’s Last Mile Acceleration provides the best Quality of Experience for each individual user, even under adverse network conditions. As a result, users can interact with your application no matter where they are.

Enabling a Personalized Online Experience for Every Customer


Backend latency and packet loss can degrade performance by 20x or more. Wireless devices, including WiFi, are most affected. Zycada proactively combats latency end-to-end in real time for every connection.


Zycada’s bots create and manage a security fingerprint specific to your application, and update it in real-time. Using the fingerprint, Zycada learns the context of the application, and is able to detect malicious actors by their behavior.


Zycada features Error Free Response (EFR) and Origin Shield capabilities to maximize service availability. EFR assigns origin health scores and switches in real-time to a backup origin before failures occur. Users won’t notice.


Boost business KPIs with Zycada

Zycada has delivered over 120 billion transactions of live traffic. See the Zycada difference for yourself. Schedule a demo now.