COVID has propelled our world into a new era - Perimeterless Enterprise. With that comes new challenges. Employees are now working from home with limited resources and not on enterprise grade networking infrastructure. To make this problem worse, employees are also constantly lured into to solutions that run on the public cloud and not on-prem. How can enterprises adapt to this change?

Enterprises need a solution that will immediately boost employe productivity when they are working from home. They can do that by boosting the network speed (bandwidth) of the employee's ISP and by boosting app's responsiveness that the employee uses to stay productive. Unfortunately the enterprises neither control the ISPs nor the cloud applications. The only way to boost employee productivity is to accelerate cloud applications and increase their network bandwidth.

Accelerate SaaS applications - Zycada's SaasBots@Edge leverages its Cloud Service Accelerator to understand how employees interact with SaaS applications and use that to boost the responsiveness of the cloud application. As traffic for different cloud apps flows through Zycada's Cloud Orchestrator, it acts as a private/secure Edge Network and will boost the cloud app's responsiveness (5x-10x).

Boost network bandwidth - The second most important challenge is to ensure employees run a good wifi network at home. Upgrading the home router hardware and incurring installation challenges will affect the enterprise bottom line. Zycada's Wireless Mile Accelerator will dynamically adapt to employee's last mile connectivity conditions and boost throughput without changing their existing hardware/ISP.

Furthermore, enterprises will now have increased observability even when employees use cloud apps without compromising employee's privacy.

SaaSBots@Edge Reference Architecture
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