You have 3 seconds to capture shoppers

53% of users abandon mobile sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Don’t get left in the dust by latency. Use Zycada to keep your store humming no matter what. 

Customer impatience is a reality in eCommerce. Zycada gives every individual customer an instantly-personalized connection for the best possible shopping experience.

Real-world A/B test for a major e-tailer: Session length measured with and without Zycada.

With Zycada, more shoppers engage longer with your site. And fewer shoppers drop off early.

Accelerate content and APIs

The Zycada Delivery Network boosts speed by processing distinct API responses to eliminate round-trips for each connection. Increased app responsiveness provides each customer a personally-optimized shopping experience.

Enhance online store speed

Zycada mitigates packet loss for each connection to boost speed and ensure the best possible shopping experience on all devices and networks.

Max uptime with peak load

To ensure high availability even during peak traffic conditions such as on CyberMonday, Zycada uses AI to dynamically select the origin, mitigate attacks and reroute traffic to respond to changing conditions.

Try Zycada for 30 days free. No commitment necessary. If you’re not convinced, just walk away.