Video is clearly the undisputed king when it comes to dominating the Internet traffic. Video has shown that it boosts enduser engagement across all verticals including eCommerce, Gaming etc. The top OTT makers fight fiercely to maintain their top spot by focussing on four KPI that drives their business success:

  1. Video Start Time (VST) - How fast the video starts playing after a user clicks on the video
  2. Rebuffering ratio - How often the video runs out of buffer at the client end and stutters the video affecting end user experience
  3. Average Bit Rate - What techniques the underlying infrastructure uses to ensure we play the best possible bitrate on the client's device
  4. Handwaving Latency - The time between the video was first captured by the encoder to the time when it was played on the client's screen.

Video Start Time - Zycada uses its Cloud Service Accelerator powered by its patented (Real User Behavioral Intelligence) RUBI technology to understand how real users interact with the site and uses that information to transmux content in realtime to boost its VST.

Average Bit Rate & Rebuffering Ratio - Traditionally the industry combated rebuffering ratio reactively - implying when the player detects slowness, it will react and switch down the bit rate (reducing the average bit rate) to refill the buffer aggressively to keep rebuffering ratio low. But doing so will compromise the video quality. Zycada's StreamingBots@Edge uses Wireless Mile Acceleration and Real-time Video Transmuxer to ensure that the player receives the maximum possible bit rate and the user gets the best video experience.

Handwaving Latency - While theoretically the video delivered online can beat the hand waving latency of content delivered via satellite, for practical reasons media players inflate handwaving latency to ensure other KPIs such as rebuffing ratio and VST are low. Zycada's StreamingBots@Edge is the only solution that reduces hand waving latency while keeping VST and rebuffering ratio low.

StreamingBots@Edge Reference Architecture
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