Jens Hansen integrates Zycada with Shopify store to boost conversion rate 26% and revenue 37%






Zycada integrates seamlessly with Shopify to boost speed and revenue

Jens Hansen is a New Zealand-based jeweler that sells a wide range of handcrafted pieces to a worldwide customer base. The company operates their online store at and Founded in 1960 by Danish jeweler Jens Hansen, the company’s philosophy is to create original jewelry “to be worn.”

Their dedication to the craft is internationally recognized. Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson commissioned Jens to design and create the famous One Ring featured in every film in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Today, Jens Hansen remains the exclusive worldwide provider of replicas of the Movie Ring, considered by many to be the world’s most famous ring.

It’s no surprise that the high standards Jens Hansen holds itself to extend to its online retail experience. Jens Hansen has a perfect 5/5 customer review score across Facebook, Google and They use an innovative “headless” eCommerce architecture built upon Shopify on the backend. This allows them to design their own unique frontend experience to best showcase their products.


Shopify Apps Slow Down the eCommerce Experience

Halfdan Jensen, GM & Creative Director at Jens Hansen, routinely scours the Internet for new ways to serve his customers better and faster. “All small businesses […] a lot of the time the owner/manager is responsible for a lot of the IT and setup and are doing it anyways. We’ve been trained to learn that one of the important things is the speed of your website,” said Jensen.

Jensen is committed to delivering a rich, engaging online shopping experience. The Shopify platform offers a wide variety of features and tools that make it easy to add customizations and dynamic content. However, these add-ons place greater strain on website and app resources, impeding page load and time to interactive (TTI) speeds. Until recently, the only way for Shopify customers to mitigate these performance issues was to invest in advanced content delivery network (CDN) services or to contract third-party software developers to optimize their web and mobile stores. These options are too expensive for most small- and medium-sized businesses – and they only moderately improve performance.

“One of the big things with Shopify is that it’s very easy to add apps, but one of the problems is the more apps that you add it can quickly become bogged down and slow. We’ve paid a few times to have optimizations done on our website whether it’s image size reductions or getting the JavaScript redone.”

Jensen’s education and work experience in engineering gives him the quantitative skills and analytical perspective necessary to understand the importance of eCommerce speed. “A lot of people know what CDNs are now and everything’s moving to the cloud. I’m totally suspicious because I'm always getting cold call marketing type emails from people offering Shopify stuff. I basically get emails or I’m looking on the Shopify app store for utilities.” Jensen realized the company needed to maintain both a fast and feature-rich eCommerce experience to stay ahead of the competition.

“It’s this pretty amazing tool that speeds up…it’s a bit voodoo and black magic…but you send all of your requests to Zycada servers and they help optimize [how dynamic content] gets sent out to your customers.”

- Halfdan Jensen

General Manager & Creative Director at Jens Hansen



Jensen discovered Zycada when the company launched from stealth in June 2020. He quickly set up a free trial. During this time, Jensen configured a standard A/B test with Google Analytics to gauge Zycada’s impact. With Zycada fully integrated with Shopify, he was able to fully onboard both and within a matter of hours.


Zycada immediately improved Jens Hansen’s eCommerce speeds, which quickly resulted in greater average order value and larger revenue. “Obviously, the A/B test showed us that we were making more money,” said Jensen.

Jensen was struck by how easy Zycada was to use. It didn’t take any specialized technical efforts to implement the technology, with no new coding or configuration changes required.

“I took a bit of a leap of faith with Zycada […] your average business owner does not have the technical experience or interest that I have in getting under the hood. [...] I intuitively understood that it felt faster.”

“I want to believe. I’m normally a skeptical half-empty person but for something like this I want to believe in the technology and the ability of it. Obviously I had great hand-holding because you guys have loved me up with your team. I could see the potential of it, “ he said.

In addition to increasing average order value and revenues, Zycada also boosted Jens Hansen’s customer conversion rate. “The biggest thing for us was seeing that our conversion rate was increasing. We have a ton of visitors who aren’t necessarily going to purchase our product. An increase in the conversion rate made a huge increase [in business] for us. I could feel intuitively that the site was more responsive and the A/B test showed us over a period of time that more money was being made.”