Zycada for eCommerce

eCommerce revenue in the retail industry has been growing rapidly YoY, and COVID-19 has accelerated that trend even further. The need to deliver superior online experiences has become even more critical to drive business success. Shoppers expect all eCommerce sites to be as fast as technology giants like Google and Facebook, who have seemingly infinite resources and engineering capabilities.

The bulk of the eCommerce business logic that impacts customer engagement and search engine rankings is non-cacheable dynamic content. Yet many merchants are still trying to leverage CDNs to speed up their static as well as dynamic content. CDNs are great, but were primarily built to manage static asset delivery using caching technology. So, why not give your team the right tool for the job: A platform that can speed up dynamic content as well as CDNs can speed up static content. Welcome to Zycada's programmable intelligent edge platform.

Zycada has created the world's first Cloud Service Accelerator, which uses Real User Behavioral Intelligence (RUBI) to understand how shoppers interact with eCommerce sites and uses that information to speed up the sites in real-time. Our customers confirm that by accelerating the dynamic content, they are able to dramatically boost business KPIs like top-line revenue, average order value and most importantly conversion rates.

The most optimal way to leverage Zycada's programmable intelligent edge platform is shown below. To start using our eCommerce solution, simply point your site's DNS records to Zycada CNAME.

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