Goodbye, rebuffering.

Hello Zycada.

Zycada fingerprints every connection and optimizes the performance. Choppy playback is a thing of the past.

Frequent rebuffering and slow video start times impact your customers’ Quality of Experience. With Zycada, each connection is optimized to suit the constraints of the connection so you deliver video content reliably despite adverse network conditions.

Packet Loss ruins the video watching experience.

Just 2.5% packet loss can cause a 10x reduction in throughput. Who is affected varies. 

In this real-world test, over 90% of connections experienced packet loss in real world events. The median amount of packet loss was 5.48%.

Y axis = Percentage Packet Loss

X axis =  User ID

Colors = Different ISPs

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Accelerate Video Start Times

Offer your customers a better viewing experience right from the start. With Zycada, your video start time is minimized, keeping your users engaged with your content and reducing churn.

Increase Average Video Bitrate

Zycada mitigates packet loss by generating an AI-optimized flow profile for each connection, so viewers maintain higher average bitrates. With Zycada, OTT providers guarantee that viewers watch streams at the highest possible fidelity.

Reduce rebuffer ratio

Zycada proactively mitigates the underlying causes for buffer-empty events. By using AI to measure and combat packet loss in real-time at the connection level, Zycada keeps buffers full so viewers see more content with less interruptions.

Try Zycada for 30 days free. No commitment necessary. If you’re not convinced, just walk away.