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Maximum minutes viewed.

Fastest Video Start Times, no contest. 

Sluggish video start times, frequent rebuffering and jittery playback ruin customer experiences. With Zycada, each connection is optimized to suit the constraints of the connection so you deliver high quality live streams to all viewers.

Speed up VST and reduce rebuffer ratio. Add Zycada.

Real-world A/B test data for a major media company.

Delivery with Zycada started the video 1 second faster than without. 

Did you know that every 1 second of video start time delay causes 5.8% of the audience to abandon a video?

Zycada’s re-buffering ratio was 67% better than delivery without Zycada.

Did you know that 1 buffering event decreases the amount of the video watched by 39%?

Accelerate Video Start Times

The Zycada Delivery Network fingerprints individual connections and optimizes them end-to-end to reduce latency. Your video start time will be minimized, keeping users’ eyes on your content.

Scale to infinite concurrents

Focus on your content, not your connections. With Zycada, there is no limit to the size of your live audience, while making sure every single viewer enjoys a premium quality of experience.

Lower rebuffer ratio

Zycada proactively mitigates the underlying causes for buffer-empty events. By using AI to measure and combat packet loss in real-time at the connection level, Zycada keeps buffers full so viewers see more content with less interruptions.

Try Zycada for 30 days free. No commitment necessary. If you’re not convinced, just walk away.