CDN Reserve

Easy Setup

Activates in less than an hour to protect against CDN outages

CDN Reserve availability

Max Availability

Boost your CDN availability higher than industry average of 98.5%

CDN Reserve risk

Zero Risk

Auto-failover and global monitoring eliminate risk

CDN Reserve cost

Low Cost

Prevent revenue loss from CDN outages for one low price



  • DNS Auto failover

  • Global CDN Monitoring

  • Global Origin Monitoring

  • Backup CDN

  • DDoS Protection

  • Instant Cache Purge

  • Default Cache Rules

  • WAF

  • Origin Shield

  • Proactive Cache Warming

  • No-purge Cache Refresh


  • DNS Auto failover

  • Global CDN Monitoring

  • Global Origin Monitoring

  • Backup CDN

  • DDoS Protection

  • Instant Cache Purge

  • Custom Cache Rules

  • Custom WAF Rules

  • Origin Shield

  • Proactive Cache Warming

  • No-purge Cache Refresh

Challenges with implementing a backup CDN

CDN Reserve integration

Difficult to integrate three different vendors

Effective backup CDN implementation needs three fundamental services. Today, customers have the burden to subscribe and manage these services independently.

  1. Backup CDN handles traffic when the primary CDN goes down
  2. Monitor service checks CDN health continuously (Catchpoint, Pingdom ...)
  3. DNS provider switches traffic between primary and backup CDN (Route53, NS1 ...)

Tough to maintain parity between CDNs

Backup CDNs should be on par with the current CDN to handle full traffic.

  1. PCI/DSS compliant edge platform to handle sensitive data traffic
  2. SLA guarantee for capacity, performance and security
  3. Operations workflow similar to that of current CDN
CDN Reserve parity
CDN Reserve high cost

Very expensive and time-consuming

It takes a lot of time and resources to setup and operate backup CDN.

  1. High Services Cost for three services from different vendors
  2. Long Setup Time for integrating those services at global scale
  3. More Ops Cost to manage and operate two CDNs


Zycada CDN Reserve

CDN Reserve is comprehensive and integrated

Comprehensive & Integrated

  • End-to-end transparent solution to boost your CDN availability above industry average
  • Detects outages, switches traffic automatically and notifies customers in real-time
  • Fully integrated with an intelligent edge platform, reliable DNS service and global monitoring
CDN Reserve is dependable and scalable

Dependable & Scalable

  • PCI/DSS compliant platform for eCommerce and SaaS traffic with sensitive data
  • Protects your web applications with OWASP 2.0 compliant WAF and DDoS mitigation
  • 3rd largest network infrastructure in the US in terms of peering (4th largest in the world)
CDN Reserve is cost-efficient

Cost-effective & Turn-key

  • Cost-effective solution includes CDN, DNS and Monitor services for one low price
  • Reduces recurring Ops cost with seamless operations for cache and security management
  • Quick and easy setup to start boosting your CDN availability in less than 60 minutes


Zycada CDN Reserve includes these products

Cloud Service Monitor

Monitors cloud application and network health without client instrumentation

DNS Director

Increases service availability with self healing and auto-failover capabilities

Content Delivery

Caches and accelerates videos, images and digital assets efficiently at the edge

Cloud Service Shield

Improves security index without slowing app responsiveness

How does CDN Reserve work?

Zycada CDN Reserve maps 99% of traffic to your current CDN and 1% traffic to Zycada Edge Platform. Under normal conditions, for 1% traffic, Zycada edge platform routes all dynamic traffic to your current CDN and serves static content from it's cache. However, static content is refreshed from your current CDN for every request.

Cloud Service Monitor continuously monitors your service on the Zycada edge platform, as well as your current CDN. DNS Director uses this monitoring data to detect problems and take corrective actions. When your current CDN suffers an outage, it automatically switches 100% traffic to Zycada edge platform. During the outage, Zycada routes all dynamic traffic to your origin and serves static from it's cache. As soon as your current CDN recovers from outage, Zycada switches 99% traffic back to your current CDN.

You can activate Zycada CDN Reserve in less than an hour with 2 simple steps.

  1. Configure your service in Zycada edge platform. (less than 30 minutes)
  2. Set your domain's DNS entry to Zycada CNAME. (less than minutes)