Provide top performance for your video content right from the beginning.

Supercharge your CDN and slash video start times.

Zycada Video Stream Optimizer measures users’ network conditions, instantly computes the optimal bitrate and lowers rebuffering for streaming content.

When a user connects to watch your video content, Zycada Video Stream Optimizer has already computed the best possible bitrate for the connection, minimizing video start time and rebuffering.

Zycada Video Stream Optimizer:

  • Measures users’ network conditions before video content starts.
  • Goes beyond adaptive bitrate streaming by instantly computing the optimal bitrate for each connection.
  • Since Zycada doesn’t cycle through bitrates, users receive the highest possible quality video immediately, reducing exits before video start.
  • Minimizes video start times and rebuffering, and dynamically adjusts during the entire stream to always ensure the highest average bitrate.

Zycada Video Stream Optimizer requires no SDK or infrastructure provisioning.

Next Steps

Try Zycada Video Stream Optimizer and delight your customers by slashing video start times for your content.