Your CDNs are doing great.

Now use Zycada Connection Insights to get the end-to-end picture.

It measures every connection to your mobile and web apps so you get real-time metrics about user QoE.

Did you know…

A connection that experiences just 2.5% packet loss can suffer a 10x reduction in throughput.

Only Zycada Connection Insights provides accurate, real-time measurement of packet loss for every individual connection.

Zycada Connection Insights: 

  • Measures packet loss from the client’s perspective, not the server’s.
  • Produces its analytics in real-time (in-band) so even if apps crash, the data is delivered.
  • Makes all measurements available in the Zycada Management Console.
  • Is the only real-time measurement system to benchmark packet loss.
  • Gives you the tools you need to measure packet loss and provides performance benchmarks across all CDNs in use.
  • Can fit into any existing CDN architecture (single, multi-CDN, hybrid CDN) and measure packet loss for individual connections to the CDNs, or in aggregate.

Real-time network performance analytics for all your CDNs

Zycada Connection Insights requires no SDK or infrastructure provisioning.

Next Steps

Try Zycada Connection Insights to get an end-to-end view of factors affecting QoE.