Are your customers complaining about the responsiveness of your site or content?

If your CDNs are not measuring the problem, they cannot help.

Zycada CDN Performance Scorer knows what’s happening. It identifies last mile performance problems, such as packet loss, in real-time and for every single connection.

Packet loss is the “silent killer” of Internet performance.

A connection that experiences just 2.5% packet loss can suffer a 10x reduction in throughput.

Only Zycada provides accurate, real-time measurement of packet loss for every individual connection.

Zycada CDN Performance Scorer: 

  • Measures packet loss from the client’s perspective, not the server’s.
  • Produces its analytics in real-time (in-band) so even if apps crash, the data is delivered.
  • Makes all measurements available in the Zycada Management Console.
  • Gives you the tools you need to measure packet loss in your CDN environment and provides performance benchmarks across all CDNs in use.
  • Is the only real-time measurement system to benchmark packet loss.
  • Can fit into any existing CDN architecture (single, multi-CDN, hybrid CDN) and measure packet loss for individual connections to the CDNs, or in aggregate.

Real-time network performance analytics for all your CDNs

Zycada CDN Performance Scorer requires no SDK or infrastructure provisioning.

Next Steps

Try Zycada CDN Performance Scorer to diagnose your CDN and find out how much packet loss is hurting your customers’ Quality of Experience.