Don’t just load-balance. Orchestrate.

Use Zycada CDN Orchestrator to drive network performance and efficiency.

Zycada CDN Orchestrator dynamically moves traffic based on real-time performance, content type and cost indicators.

Zycada CDN Orchestrator easily integrates into existing multi-CDN and multi-cloud environments for optimized, adaptive traffic distribution.

Zycada CDN Orchestrator:

  • Fingerprints each connection, and drives real-time performance improvements instead of pre-configured traffic distribution.
  • Moves traffic to a better performing delivery network from CDNs with last mile performance issues, resulting in better overall, end-to-end performance.
  • Allows for total cost optimization in a multi-CDN environment by distributing traffic based on individual cost parameters of each CDN.
  • Network performance (packet loss, packet corruption, jitter)
  • Client IP address 
  • Pricing information 
  • Geography
  • CDN capacity
  • Priority to origins with higher health scores, providing automatic failover

Supports various technical and business rules to balance traffic

Zycada CDN Orchestrator also supports the combination of routing rules to support specific business objectives.

Next Steps

Try the Zycada CDN Orchestrator and add real-time network performance as a trigger for distributing your multi-CDN traffic.