Most site speed problems are caused on the wireless last mile.

Zycada CDN Accelerator gives your CDN an extra gear. AI makes it possible.

Last mile performance problems lead to high latency and poor QoE. 

Static CDNs and edge platforms do not measure or mitigate last mile performance problems. Only Zycada CDN Accelerator mitigates performance problems end-to-end, and accelerates static and dynamic content for each individual connection.

Zycada CDN Accelerator:

  • Fingerprints each connection end-to-end, and measures and reacts to constraints in real-time
  • Proactively mitigates packet loss, packet corruption and jitter in real-time
  • Maximizes throughput for each connection based on last mile network constraints
  • Works with any commercial or private CDN, as well as multi-CDN and multi-cloud environments

Zycada CDN Accelerator requires no SDK or infrastructure provisioning.

Next Steps

Zycada enables you to deliver each customer the best possible connection, every time. Try Zycada CDN Accelerator today.