The Zycada Orchestration Cloud

The Zycada Orchestration Cloud integrates with any CDN or cloud to enhance revenue and engagement for eCommerce, live streaming and video on-demand. By orchestrating the cloud, CDN and app backend, Zycada mitigates the impact of network problems in real-time. It improves user engagement and Quality of Experience (QoE), without requiring any code changes on the client or origin.

Connection Insights

Benchmark and rate last mile performance across multiple CDNs. Zycada arms your business with critical information about QoE.

CDN Orchestrator

Use real-time performance information and business rules to determine the best way to route traffic across multiple CDNs.

CDN Accelerator

Accelerate any CDN by using AI to measure and mitigate last mile performance problems in real time for each individual connection.

Video Stream Optimizer

 Get the fastest video start time (VST) and lowest re-buffer ratios possible for your live and VOD streams.

Cloud Security

Every application has a different attack surface. Use AI to maximize the defense against unexpected attacks and threats.

Last mile performance problems, such as packet loss, are unpredictable, unavoidable and transient. They can only be mitigated in real-time. As little as 2.5% packet loss can reduce connection throughput by 10x.

The Zycada Orchestration Cloud is purpose-built to mitigate last mile performance problems in real-time end-to-end, reducing latency and improving QoE for each user.


Zycada for Multi-CDN

Without increasing the total cost, Zycada adds a fully-featured delivery network to your multi-CDN environment for optimized last mile performance.

It redistributes traffic away from CDNs with last mile performance issues, resulting in better overall, end-to-end performance.

Zycada enables total cost optimization by distributing traffic based on individual cost parameters of multiple CDNs

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Zycada for Private CDNs

Zycada installs in existing infrastructure and mitigates last mile performance problems, accelerating any private CDN.

In less than 30 minutes, customers benefit from increased user engagement, better Quality of Experience and AI-powered security.

Zycada for Telecom

Wireless users get maximum throughput if packet loss is addressed closest to them. Zycada actively mitigates packet loss in real-time on the wireless last mile.

Enable next-generation, real-time applications and services for 5G and emerging standards, offering users the most immersive and engaging experiences.

Zycada enhances Multi-Access Edge Computing with AI-powered content delivery, security and caching.

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Zycada features Error Free Response (EFR) and Origin Shield capabilities to maximize availability.

EFR uses machine learning to assign origin health scores and switches in real-time to a backup origin/CDN before failures occur. Users won’t notice.

Origin Shield safeguards the origin from traffic surges whether from legitimate clients or rogue agents. The origin will always be safe to maintain high availability for users.

Dynamic Routing

Zycada’s Dynamic Routing Service creates and updates a global route matrix based on real-time network conditions.

If route degradation occurs, it redistributes traffic while ensuring that the new routes are not oversaturated.

Routes are prioritized based on transaction type such as APIs, video on demand (optimizing bandwidth), live streaming (optimizing bandwidth and latency), and more.

Network Analytics

Get detailed performance analytics across all connections, origins and geographies in real-time.

Even if a client app crashes, you will still receive the metrics for that session.

No code changes required

Zycada deploys without any SDK or code modifications to make it easy for DevOps teams to manage the delivery layer for businesses in eCommerce, live streaming, and VoD.

Improve Business Performance

User engagement, QoE and churn impact revenue and matter to our customers.

Do they matter to you?

Next Steps

Try the Zycada Orchestration Cloud today and experience unmatched end-to-end performance for your cloud, multi-CDN, private CDN or telecom network environment.