Every single connection experiences packet loss.

Zycada is the only delivery network that mitigates it.

1 in 3 wireless connections experience over 50% performance degradation due to packet loss.

1 in 3 wireless connections experience over 50% performance degradation due to packet loss.

The Zycada Delivery Network

Performance Network

Performance Network

The Zycada Delivery Network fingerprints every connection in real-time and optimizes each connection individually. Performance Network Services speed up applications while allowing you to drill down to get detailed analytics at the connection level.

Packet Loss Mitigation

1/3rd of your connections experience packet loss leading to a 50% decrease in performance for customers. Zycada automatically mitigates packet loss in real-time.

Content Acceleration

The Content Acceleration Service accelerates static and dynamic application content by understanding the context of content and API calls.

Dynamic Routing

The Dynamic Routing Service creates and updates a global route matrix based on real-time network conditions. If route degradation occurs, it redistributes traffic while ensuring that the new routes are not oversaturated. Routes are prioritized based on transaction type such as APIs, video on demand content, live streaming video, etc.

Global Load Balancer

Automatically balances the load across all origins in real-time based on origin health and performance metrics.

Network Analytics

Get detailed performance analytics across all connections, origins and geographies in real-time.

Service Shield

Service Shield

The Zycada Service Shield uses machine learning to characterize connections from the client to Zycada and Zycada to the origin, and uses that information to dynamically make decisions about how to optimize performance and security. Conventional CDNs provide static Origin shield, DDoS, and WaF services that require configuration changes and do not automatically adapt to network conditions.

Error Free Response

The Error Free Response (EFR) Service switches in real-time to a backup origin if the primary origin fails for any transaction, and uses machine learning to assign origin health scores. If an origin health score deteriorates, EFR will switch to healthier origin before any failure occurs.

Origin Cloaking

Leverages a multi-layered cache on a connection-by-connection basis to route static and dynamic content requests first to the best possible Zycada node. Safeguards the origin from traffic surges whether from legitimate clients or rogue agents.


The AI-powered DDoS service scans traffic patterns in real-time to evaluate the legitimacy of agents. Zycada gives developers and DevOps the power to stop, tag, or reroute traffic. Zycada’s DDoS service meets all OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines.

Web Application Firewall

The AI-powered WAF service manages all transient sessions that comprise the end-to-end connection to deliver WAF services. Zycada’s WAF meets all OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Improved app performance with faster cold starts, page loads, and API interaction between the app and backend servers.

Requires no code changes

No Code Changes

No code changes are required to get started with Zycada.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Zycada dynamically enhances security to protect your customers and applications from malicious actors.


See it Live

See Zycada’s performance first hand. Request a demo and we’ll show you Zycada’s performance vs a static CDN.