Bot-driven eCommerce Acceleration

The Zycada Platform

Enabling The worlds fastest online shopping experience

Harnessing the power of bot technology!

Over the past decade, online retail has enjoyed explosive growth, and with this growth also comes competition and higher consumer expectations. In order to attract and win customers in today’s ultra-competitive environment, merchants must offer a rich and responsive shopping experience.

Zycada is the first bot-driven acceleration solution that is purpose built to accelerate dynamic content – delivering the fastest online shopping experience possible.  The Zycada platform is easy to deploy, and most customers are up and running in a matter of hours with no disruption to their online commerce systems or CDN infrastructure.  Once deployed,  Zycada bots act as  a concierge, working on behalf of users to pre-assemble dynamic content before it’s requested. This dramatically reduces load time and enables an ultra-fast shopping experience for your customers – regardless of the network speed or quality.  Below are just a few features of the Zycada Platform.

Dynamic Awareness of your Business Logic

Real-time Site Fingerprinting

Once the platform is deployed, Zycada optimization bots automatically fingerprint your entire site and learn your shopping flows. This learning process allows Zycada bots to deliver optimal performance for your customers. And if you make changes to your site, don’t worry!  Zycada automatically detects and learns your new shopping flows, continually adapting to optimize the performance of your site.

  • Continuously fingerprints your eCommerce site
  • Automatically detects and learns shopping flow changes
  • Real-time adaptability to optimize your site performance
  • No special coding required
  • Simplifies business logic changes
The Zycada bot

Your shoppers’ concierge!

Every time someone visits your site, Zycada bots spring into action, using their knowledge of your site to work ahead of your customers and deliver content to them immediately. With Zycada, your average response time, over any network, is typically within milliseconds!

  • Intelligent bots understand your shopping flows
  • Anticipate your user shopping interactions
  • Work ahead of your customers to assemble content
  • Delivers an ultra-fast shopping experience
  • Optimal performance for any content type!
Infinitely tune your shopper experience


Developers must be able to customize the delivery layer to suit their applications’ technology stack. But ordinary infrastructure is not programmable on its own. This creates bottlenecks in performance and productivity and prevents developer optimizations that would improve responsiveness. To solve this problem, Zycada incorporates a lightweight programmability layer on top of our bots. Below are just a few examples of how Zycada bots can be customized.

  • Predictive Asset Loading
  • Adaptive media delivery
  • Content Pre-assembly
  • Real-time Blue/Green migration management
  • Intelligent traffic tagging
Up and running in hours!

Easy, Flexible Deployment

Zycada is simple to deploy and use. No coding or infrastructure changes are required. Simply point your DNS records to Zycada and you’re up and running in minutes!  Zycada is transparent and complementary to your existing cloud and CDN infrastructure and can be flexibly deployed to suit your specific needs.

First Mile Implementation

Deployed between your CDN and origin, Zycada computes uncacheable dynamic content to mitigate computational delays, and latency delays between the origin and CDN. The result is an enhanced CDN experience that delivers consistently fast performance for both cached and dynamic content.

Last Mile Implementation

Deployed between your CDN and users, Zycada delivers the same value and acceleration as First Mile implementation, with the added value of network latency mitigation. In this implementation Zycada mitigates the impact of packet loss, and delivers consistently fast performance regardless of the speed or quality of the mobile network.

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