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BigCommerce + Zycada Testimonials
Mark Hedman
LA Police Gear

"Zycada has been fantastic for us! We are on BigCommerce and have always struggled a bit with speed. It was an incredibly painless process and our site has never been faster. Highly Recommend!"

Mark Hedman

CEO, LA Police Gear

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WHWC Recommendation

"Recommending Zycada to other BigCommerce merchants is about as close to a no-brainer as it gets"

Jon Morgan

Digital Product Manager, E-Commerce, WHWC

Setup Zycada in 2 simple steps

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Configure service in Zycada platform with TLS certificate


Set site's DNS entry to Zycada CNAME

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Setup Time?

Setup takes less than 30min. Configure your service with TLS cert and change your DNS.

App Updates?

Zycada bots are app-aware and adapt using Real User Behavioral Intelligence (RUBI)

Image Optimization?

Images are optimized for faster delivery based on client's device and browser

Headless Application?

Zycada accelerates API calls to support micro-services architecture for headless applications

Core Web Vitals?

Zycada accelerates dynamic pages by 10x that has a direct positive impact on Core Web Vitals


Page Speed is a significant factor for search engine's page ranking. Faster is better.

Business Metrics?

Faster site boosts revenue and conversion. Montior business metrics with 3rd party analytics.


Price starts at $250 per month and is based on the number of Page Views or Requests per month.

More Questions?

How Zycada Works?

How Zycada Works?

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How speed impacts eCommerce?


Make Millions

A study on how improvements in mobile site speed positively affect a brand's bottom line


Site Speed Affects Conversion Rate

An analysis based on conversion data from 20 websites with over 100 million page views


Page Load Time Impacts Bounce Rate

An industry benchmark for page speed and how page load time impacts bounce rate

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